I have never seen a small community come together for such an event, it gives me so much optimism for our country and the great people like ya'll.

Chris Bova - Veteran Alumni

The feeling of brotherhood among the warriors and the community was palpable.

Eric Kasmire - Veteran Alumni

The type of support we received was that of an honest, humble group loving a handful of warriors who needed the time to be offline, connect, and slay hogs.

Sam Brown - Veteran Alumni

Every single person was kind and genuine and made this an experience I will never forget.

Murphey Hueston - Veteran Alumni

The hometown feel of people there to celebrate and enjoy the day was like a slice of American pie!

Carter Cheek - Veteran Alumni

With the wild rollercoaster ride of transitioning back to the civilian world after being in the military it can be very isolating, events like this one are therapeutic for so many.

Chris Bova - Vetera Alumni

There are great Americans who support and care for those of us who've put our lives on the line in uniform. The brotherhood of true warriors is unlike any other group of people I know.

Sam Brown - Veteran Alumni

Absolutely was a time to reflect and was afforded the opportunity to have a deep conversation with other guys struggling with same issues. It was over the top and more than I ever expected or thought a foundation would do for me.

John Kelly - Veteran Alumni

The way everyone came together and just took the few days to appreciate the sacrifice many have made in the name of our country truly reestablished my faith in the American people.

Steven Bunting - Veteran Alumni

Your support, assistance and program saved lives! People and organizations like this shows the true support and honor of service and sacrifice.

James Wagner - Veteran Alumni

Life after leaving the special operations world is drastically different and allowing me the opportunity to feel "alive" again is something I can't ever thank you enough for.

Ryan Duhon - Veteran Alumni

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